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What We Offer?

Disputes and Conflict arise within families for a variety of reasons. This sometimes leads to young people choosing to/ being asked to leave the family home. If the young person has nowhere to go they may end up becoming street homeless or sofa surfing. Mediation as a positive solution has been recognised by Government policy within the UK for some time.

Key foundations of mediation are that it is voluntary, confidential, and impartially process. There should be no invested interest with the mediator and commissioners or services involved. The family members have a neutral and safe space where they can initiate their own solutions and future focused decisions that look at integrating the young person into the home in a positive and sustainable way. Alternatively, working together for an alternative solution where they can be safe, secure and supported.

Youth Mediation works with young people and their families as a means of preventing homelessness. Mediation is used before a family breaks down but also during crisis to work with families to reach successful solution.

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Why Choose Wright Mediation?

We work with young people and families before crisis. Studies have shown better outcomes for youth homelessness when interventions are sought before families are at the breaking point, are willing to reflect and make positive changes.

- We work with Young people and families to ensure that there is a willingness to change things for the better before mediations commence.

- Our Mediators are impartial and independent, therefore families and young people do not feel there is a invested interest from other agencies such as housing, social care or police for a specific outcome.

- We Work with young people and their families for as long as is needed and in sessions unrestricted by time constraints.

- At Wright Mediation our Mediators have experience in local authority Social Work with children, families and young people, Mental Health, Probation, Housing and Homelessness.

Youth Homeless Mediation Fees.

Individual £65 30 minutes
Joint Face to Face/Shuttling Sessions £90 45 minutes
Session Notes Free N/A

Mediation Helpline.

Wright Mediation information helpline: - Available 24 hours 7 days a week for general advice and guidance related to all Mediation queries.

Our mediation helpline can be accessed 24 hours a day 7 days a week with an accredited and register Mediator on the line. This could be for advice, support or guidance related to family, youth, neighbourhood, commercial, generational, workplace or civil mediation.

Email or call 01604 345 756 / 07909 690 347.