Wright Mediation - Our Complaints Procedure.

At Wright Mediation we aim to provide a high-quality mediation service to all parties involved within the mediation or dispute resolution service. Our mediators have a wealth of experience and fully trained and certified. We are also fully insured.

We want to ensure that all our clients are happy and we know that at times dissatisfaction can arise. We want to ensure you that we undertake a services that is professional and we are fully committed to addressing any and all concerns.

In the event of a complaint against one of our mediators we will ensure we will deal with any complaint, quickly, efficiently and confidentially.

Complaints should be raised in writing to info@wrightmediation.co.uk this will be dealt with as a matter of urgency and can hopefully be resolved quickly and informally within 14 days.

If you remain unsatisfied with the outcome this will be passed to a panel of independent mediators who will address your complaint and issue a written response within 28 days.

If you are still unsatisfied with the response to the complaint then you can contact :-

The Civil Mediation Council (Commercial/Work place mediation)
The Family Mediation Council (Family Mediation)