Wright Mediation - Mediation Forms

Family Mediation Forms.

C100 - £50.

This form is required for anyone who wishes to apply to court regarding decisions about children. The section that mediators need to sign can be found on page 9.
C100 Form.

Form A - £50.

Form A should be completed if you are applying for financial provisions. The Form A is used by individuals applying to the court for a judge to decide how assets and property are divided between the divorcing couple. If the parties are unable to reach a negotiation with help from solicitors or mediators then this is the last option available.
Form A.

Wright Mediation Background Information Form.

Background Information (Family) Form

Family Agreement to Mediate Form.

Family Agreement to Mediate Form

Child Inclusive Mediation Form.

Child Inclusive Mediation Form

Financial Disclosure Form.

WM Financial Disclosure Booklet.

Solicitor Referral Form.

Solicitor Referral Form.

Commercial Agreement to Mediate Form.

Commercial Agreement to Mediate Form

Ethical Code of Practice.

Ethical Code of Practice