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What is Civil Mediation?

Civil mediation is the process where an impartial professionally trained mediator facilitates negotiation between the parties who are in dispute. It is an effective form of alternative dispute resolution and has a high success rate.

At Wright Mediation our civil mediation is flexible, fast and the most cost-effective way of reaching settlement than entering court or legal proceedings. Civil mediation can be over in as little as half a day or could take multiple sessions depending on the complexity of the dispute. In most cases mediations are completed within one day.

Civil mediation allows for all those in dispute to be in the same room at the same time with a mediator that will ensure all parties have their say. At Wright Mediation, our mediators will support and guide the parties throughout the mediation process to reach a resolution to their dispute.

This is to ensure the process is fair to all.

We cover many topics within civil mediation including:

  • - Neighbourhood/community disputes
  • - Landlord and tenant
  • - Boundary disputes
  • - Property, land, and real estate
  • - Discrimination
  • - Contractual and consumer
  • - Partnership and shareholder
  • - Professional negligence
  • - Personal injury and clinical negligence
  • - Slander
  • - Small claims
  • - Pensions and life assurance
  • - Inheritance, wills, and probate
  • - Human rights
  • - Regulatory and public sector
  • - Financial services and banking
  • - Insurance and reinsurance
  • - Disability
  • - Transportation disputes
  • - Intellectual property
  • - Commercial and business

Contact our Mediation Information Helpline.

Mediation Helpline

Probate mediation.

Mediation has consistently been proven to be the ideal way of resolving a dispute without going through the stress and financial costs of the legal system. Mediation gives parties the chance to hear and better understand one another whether that is via caucus or if they choose to engage in a joint session.

Mediation is a voluntary, confidential and flexible form of 'Alternative Dispute Resolution'. The purpose of mediation is to enable the parties to settle the dispute out of court. Mediation also has the advantage of allowing the parties to retain control of the case with a view to reaching a settlement that they are all comfortable with. It is therefore a very effective means of resolving a probate dispute and one that is considerably cheaper than a conventional trial. 99% of parties come to see us who are in deadlock. Mediation is a great way of resolving conflict to obtain a win: win settlement.

Probate mediation not only resolves inheritance, wills and probate disputes quickly. It also observes confidentially, and can also address family issues, and go some way to mending past disputes and fallouts.

What we cover:-
- Allegations of invalid procedure or fraud.
- Allegations regarding testamentary capacity.
- Negligent drafting of wills.
- Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 disputes.
- Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 disputes.
- Contesting a will, their validity & legitimacy.
- Mental capacity disputes.
- Allegations of executors acting inappropriately.
- Power of attorney disputes.

The main benefits of probate dispute mediation are:
- Resolving a deadlocked situation where neither party is prepared to accept the strength of the other side’s argument (or indeed the weakness in their own).
- Providing a significantly cheaper means of resolving a dispute than the cost of going through the legal system.
- Confidentiality. This is the governing principle of mediation. Your case will not be prejudiced by attending mediation as everything that happens there remains confidential.
- The risk of losing is significantly reduced at mediation. The point of mediation is to negotiate a settlement.
- It is flexible and can be tailored to suit your particular claim.
- It is voluntary and informal.
- It has an extremely high success rate in resolving probate disputes. Many of our mediators have a 100% success rate at mediation.

There are increasing court cases being seen where parties that have refused to engage in mediation. The refusing party is being served severe cost sanctions and financial repercussions.

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Mediation Helpline.

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Our mediation helpline can be accessed 24 hours a day 7 days a week with an accredited and register Mediator on the line. This could be for advice, support or guidance related to family, youth, neighbourhood, commercial, generational, workplace or civil mediation.

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